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Ousso recorded in many TV commercials for brands like Nescafe, Vodafone, Pepsi, Hardees, KFC, Mobinil, Nancy Agram’s Coca-Cola Campaign and many more.

Ousso composed music for many TV commercials as well, for brands like Maghraby Optics, Galaxy (Flutes), Nokia, Burger King, Pantene, Vodafone and more.

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Burger King Ad 










Camay comeback campaign 2018





CocaCola Ad 1

CocaCola Ad 2




Etisalat ElNady AlAhly Ad





Galaxy Flute Ad





Maghrabi Optical Ad





Neo Productions





Nescafe Ad





Nestle Kimo Cono Summer Ad





Nokia Ring Ad

Nokia Ring Hip Hop




Universal Ad





Vodafone Ad 1

Vodafone Ad 2