Business Administration being his primary study coupled with his entrepreneurial and challenging spirit, Ousso founded the “SOS music festival” and organized 18 volumes from 2006 to 2009 across different cities in Egypt. SOS is considered the factory that produced and introduced the underground bands to the masses, it encouraged originality and enforced a sense of enthusiasm to all the bands to compose and create their own original material. Being very original and unique, the SOS concept has given a huge push to the underground scene and the number of creative bands jumped from 8 to 60 in 3 years. Originality and technical excellence were the key factors on which the bands were chosen, therefore the process of selection entailed Ousso’s intervention as a producer and a musician prior to the event itself, where he provided technical guidance and support for the young bands in their studio rehearsals before they appear on stage, maybe for some it was their first time, to ensure that the quality they present before an audience of 20,000 is unique and up to the standard. On another Level, Ousso asserted the values of cooperation and acceptance among the musicians themselves as the line-up of the SOS stage was designed in a way to make musicians interact and tolerate each others differences, where varied styles were put on the same stage and being presented to a diversified audience in terms of age, gender and social standard and the result was the creation of a model of a healthy, creative and positive environment that induces change and encourages productivity.

As mentioned above, Ousso’s role was not confined only as the festival organizer, his role extended far beyond that point. Therefore, with the aim of creating a strong business model of the festival that is technically inter-related and self sufficient adopting internal networking as a scheme, Ousso established the company “19 Audio co. for Sound System and Stage Arrangement” in cooperation with the sound engineer and drummer “Amr Khairy”, which was in service for the Sos festival for the provision of technical equipment and support. This step proved to be very successful and beneficial to the festival throughout its years from 2006 onwards.

The SOS festival was not only about music, it brought together artists of different disciplines (painters, graffiti artists, jewelry designers, origamists…etc.) and served as a space for them to emerge and showcase their original products to an average of 20,000 audiences per event. Development NGOs and civil society organizations were invited to present their projects and network with other organizations and the audience to explore possibilities of cooperation. The SOS music festival was one of the biggest events ever held in Egypt that attracted many audience, united Egyptians together and enforced a sense of societal solidarity and freedom of expression, where fear had no place and the material brought on stage was uncensored, Ousso as a main organizer and the festival faced a lot of challenges by the police and the security service, who repudiated any means of self expression and loathed any activity that raised the awareness of the people. The SOS concept was unique in the role it had as a tool for social change in the pre-revolution Egypt, where social and political taboos were deeply rooted in the society. The SOS festival would not have succeeded if it was not for Ousso’s firm belief, enthusiasm and insistence on creating SOCIAL CHANGE.

The SOS Music festival has set the prototype of an open-air event that gathered different types of artists/audiences in an atmosphere filled with creativity and innovation. The festival acted as a source of motivation and inspiration for plenty of young organizers who copied the idea, which in turn enhanced youth engagement and increased the awareness of huge audiences who participated in cultural/social activities in different Egyptian cities. After four years of holding different SOS festivals across Egyptian cities, Ousso was satisficed with its impact and the achievements of it, yet it was about time to raise the challenge and move a step forward towards the development of it through introducing an international dimension. However, unfortunately, the SOS Festival along with the 19 Audio co. for Sound System and Stage Arrangement had to stop in 2010 due to immense financial crisis and its effect on the Egyptian economy, as it was entirely impossible to find sponsorship for big events such as the SOS Music Festival.