The visual interpretation of the album “Khashab & Kahraba” was created by EARTH founders and artists Mohamed Aref and Hoda Ismail.

EARTH GALLERY is an artistic retail store, showcasing the work of its founders, two independent Egyptian artists, Mohamed Aref and Hoda Ismail. Founded in 2012, then later launching EARTH DESIGN STUDIO. EARTH is specialized in visual arts, product design, interior and graphic design. Inspired by ethnic motifs, their work is defined by bold color fusions and a hint of culture.

“Working on this album was one of the best purely artistic experiences I have ever worked on; allowing art to compliment music was truly inspirational as if Music had literally moved the drawing lines” Mohamed Aref

“It was very challenging to produce an artwork only guided by music and not lyrics. It’s like each artwork had a mind of its own, all combined under the same psychedelic, Mediterranean, ethnic spirit.” Hoda Ismail