However, even after “SOS Music Festival” 2006-2010 which consisted of 19 editions in total, Ousso realized there was something missing still. He noticed the evident difficulty to learn music in Egypt and the consequent stereotyping society prints on people who want to make music their lifestyle. In addition, he was haunted by the sad reality for those who live in the remote areas of Egypt, where music is unreachable, even as a hobby, let alone as a profession. And this is how “Tafatifi” came to life.

A music development project in Egypt.

Tafatifi is the result of an idea inspired l to improve the music scene in Egypt. Ousso dreamt about properly introducing the true definition of Music, and teaching society about our musicians, the value they bring and how to properly appreciate them.

Tafatifi is a project that aims to develop the Arab music scene by creating an online communication network between some of the most famous and important musicians in the Middle East with music lovers everywhere.
Tafatifi offers integrated music lessons in 12 different instruments.Lessons are available online in Arabic, with the possibility of communicating with the teacher to assess the level of progress.

It is the only social network in Egypt that allows musicians to learn from one another, exchange expertise and gives them the chance to communicate easier and faster in order to further facilitate future diverse collaborations. But that’s not all of it. Tafatifi offers the opportunity for all young talents in far off cities and provinces to learn music in person with the best and most famous musicians in Egypt through “El Sellem” (The Staircase) program. “El Sellem” is the main contribution of “Tafatifi” for the real development of the Music Education in Egypt. We will offer the musically talented youth a real shot at their dreams and facilitate their access to the Egyptian Music Scene in the shortest and fastest ways and most importantly with the best musicians there is.

Tafatifi is an extension of the success that the “SOS Music Festival” has brought. It will bring back the Live Events that brought us all together once more to the on-ground music circle in Egypt. Artists and talented youth will now have a complete on platform that support the fulfillment of their dreams with no restrictions; starting from where they learn and nurture their talent, to a place where they showcase their performances and inspire many more to follow in their paths.

Tafatifi will bring music back to Life.