“Khashab & Kahraba” is a literal translation of “Wood & Electricity”; in the Egyptian music scene it is a reference to Electric and Acoustic Guitars and is the first question you are asked when you identify yourself as a guitarist.

In addition, 99.9% of the guitars are made of wood while all recordings are done with mics, preamps and mixers, etc… hence the electricity; so basically everything goes down to khashab & kahraba.

“When composing a track, in my head I always imagine a vast variety of options; so I decided to experiment some of it in this album” Ousso Lotfy

From there came the idea behind “Khashab & Kahraba”; an album recorded with a diverse selection of guitars, most of the compositions are recorded and arranged twice exploring different arrangements and guitars.

The album consists of 15 tracks, most of which were recorded in part in Berklee Valencia Studios and the rest in Ousso’s Studio in Egypt. Apart from the exceptional technicality and amount of effort included in the album, “Khashab & Kahraba” was recorded by an international group of Musicians from countries like Mexico, Spain, Greece, India, US, Puerto Rico, France, Lebanon and Egypt.