Into The Mood!
SOS is an abbreviation for “Save Our Soul”. The meaning intended is “Save Our Music” and saving ourselves from what the music is about these days. S.O.S, which aims to be a monthly event, supports young Egyptian talents and musicians.Many talents found their own way to fame through the S.O.S Music Festival. The interesting point about the festival that; you might go to only listen to your favorite band. But, suddenly you fall in love with another! Because, each festival  presents about 6 bands at least. It happened to me myself, I fell in love with both so-different bands; Wyvern and Limouzine!

Bang Your Head!
Wyvern is on the stage, so bang your head! The performance of Wyvern makes you feel that you are listening to a top class band from the old-school. The crowd gets into the mood spontaneously unable to resist the awesome music and bang their heads on Wyvern’s riffs.  The band was formed in November 2003 as a 4-piece heavy metal band to cover the songs of heavy/thrash metal legends. In a society that doesn’t accept rock/metal genre it was really difficult for wyvern to get the exposure needed to present their music. They find their way through SOS.

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