Even bigger and better than ever, S.O.S is back in its 11th volume and is set to rock your world like never before! Constantly striving to keep the spirit of Original music alive and kicking, the upcoming S.O.S is all about the new, with an exciting line-up of your favorite S.O.S musicians and awesome new artists.
There will be an international band, Casser le Mur, who produce an intriguing fusion of Spanish and Moroccan music with an electronic twist.
This volume will also be hosting Egyptian Rockers Bad Apple and Ode for the very first time. S.O.S veterans like Nagham Masry, DJ Fido (featuring Asfalt), the Percussion show will be showcasing new songs and for the first time since S.O.S Vol.3 Ressala will be returning to the S.O.S stage.
And is if that wasn’t enough, old members of Efteksat (Hany el Badry, Ousso and Khairy) will be reuniting with the band for what is bound to be an amazing performance!
Truly this is not an S.O.S you’ll want to MISS, so be there!

Also you can catch Casser Le Mur @ the Cairo Jazz club on Saturday 21st November.Read More