In cooperation with Sherbini, with whom he met in the course of his playing with the two bands,; yehia Ghanam and Hossam Shaker, Ousso founded Nagham Masry ( in 1999. The two musicians being of entirely different musical backgrounds cooperated successfully and this cooperation delivered progressive Arabic songs and seeded the establishment of the renowned band “Nagham Masry”. The band upholds a vision of musical innovation and taste development that is distinguished with bold creativity. The band is renowned as one of the pioneers of musical innovation in Egypt, because Nagham Masry is the first band in Egypt to publicize the incorporation of the local work of famous poets with progressive music, merging western and eastern cultures in genuine songs. The concept of the band tackles socio-political lyrics in an indirect manner, handled through an oriental-flavored vocal line that is embraced by progressive and modern music. Nagham Masry is considered a pioneer in the sense that it attracted and driven the attention of middle class young people at a time when the term “Independent music” was quite strange and unusual. Owing to the financial obstacles caused by the economic crisis, when Sponsorship and recording deals were almost impossible to get, Ousso has composed/ played guitar and keys, recorded, mixed and mastered the whole album of Nagham Masry “Mesh Mohem” (Not A Big Deal ) at his home studio in 2011. Amidst the financial crisis and given the time and energy spent in the production process, Ousso’s aim was not directed towards making profit, on the contrary the aim was to release a free online inspirational album for the public to boost their spirits and indirectly encouraging them to face the challenges caused by the social challenges.