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In 2007, Ousso was invited by the British Council to join a new music project called Music Matbakh, which was produced by Justin Adams; a renowned musical director and Robert Plant’s guitarist. The project embraced two musicians from six countries in the Middle East and two musicians from the UK, and they were known as The Cooks.

The artists traveled to the UK, where they carried out their workshops, enhanced their socio-musical networks, carried out improvisational sessions, and worked on their new songs. Music Matbakh started then performing several gigs in the UK and Casablanca, then touring the Middle East. The British Council, after a while, stopped sponsoring Music Matbakh, yet Ousso was keen on keeping it alive , therefore invited the band members from all the countries at his own expenses, to perform at the SOS music festival, yet hat was short lived and the the project was deactivated.

Music Matbakh is a milestone in Ousso’s career serving as a new musical experience depicting the glorious effect of music as connecting people from different cultures and on the personal level, it created the strong bond between Ousso and the UK. In the course of the project and after it, Ousso has started to travel a lot between Egypt and London aiming to start a career there, ye due to being immersed in developing the SOS music festival, Ousso had to stabilize in Egypt, yet the dream to be in the UK has never parted his mind and this is what he is currently targeting.

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